Milton Manetaz (Palle Torsson) – Pirate at Gallery Niklas Belenius

Welcome to Niklas Belenius Gallery and the exhibition “Pirate”.

The exhibition “Pirate” is part of a lager endeavor – “The art world after
the net” – where Palle Torsson operates under the Pseudonym Milton
Manetaz. The work has been a collaboration with Fatlab and Embassy of

Piracy and a conclusion of the action that Embassy of Piracy undertook at
the Venice Biennial this year.

- “All computer users are pirates. The openness of Internet must be
protected and all the files must be shared.”

Come along to the gallery and bring your laptop – the Pirate Paintings
are sharing their data… demand a copy of The Pirate Bay.

Welcome for the lulz

Thursday, 05 November 2009 at 16 PM

Ulrikagatan 13, Stockholm.

Until Sunday, 29 November 2009 at 19 PM

further information and contact
Palle Torsson


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We Rebuild

We Rebuild is a decentralized cluster of net activists who have joined forces to collaborate on issues concerning access to a free Internet without intrusive surveillance. These issues span over many subjects and areas, which are reflected in a breadth of competences and opinions. There are no leaders, nor members. We Rebuild is simply an international chaotic event, and our actions can not be predicted in detail. For more information about the cluster, see the Werebuild Fourth Communiqué of the Internets.

Contact us: Email: info (at) werebuild (dot) eu Talk to us: Server: irc.freequest.net – Main channel: #telekompaketet. Web-IRC Chat


Experiments in art and action


Collaboration, Embassy of Piracy, exhibitions, kopimi, media, performance

The Pirate Bay at Venice Biennial 2009

The Pirate Bay at Venice Biennial 2009.

3 June – 22 November 2009


Embassy of Piracy Workshops and Press meeting

S.A.L.E Dorsoduro 265,Venice. Boat Stop: Zattere or Salute



3 – 7 June 2009: Daily, 10:00 – 20:00

14 June – 22 November 2009: Tuesday-Sunday, 10:00 – 19:00

Embassy of Piracy

Prevailing institutional systems and structures have proven inadequate to the task of organizing and managing the openness of networked society. Now, via democratic systems, they are attacking the fundamental functions of the Internet, such as the free distribution of information.

With Embassy of Piracy, we want to re-imagine an institutional form and practice. We set out to create an institutional form that is responsive to the logic of social-technical networks and non-representational democratic processes.

We love the Internet and we share this love with a multitude of people around the world. With Embassy of Piracy, we want to make informal network connections stronger. By a set of simple copyable, reproducible and remixable acts of sharing we want to start to open the gates to these stories and experiences and build connections between them.

We want to build the largest, most widely and wildly spread embassy in the world. We started this with an open call for everyone to participate by building their own embassies in the shape of foldable, customized paper pyramid models that can be printed from the web site. The response has been pandemic. http://www.embassyofpiracy.org

Please Join us in Venice – Now – there will be 100:s of us.

Welcome to The Embassy of Piracy workshop

Join us in folding and modifications of Embassy of Piracy Pyramids. Bring your own t-shirt and other cloth so we can make them Embassy of Piracy style at the printing workshop. We will have balloons for the kids, music to be remixed and general swarming to make it the Venice Biennial of Piracy 2009.

The role of the ambassador.

As an embassy is a state in another state, the love and freedom of Internet is a state in all states of the world. On this freedom we want to build diplomatic network relations.

If you love the Internet you are an ambassador.

If you care, share, and help us imagine what this could be.




In collaboration with the Internet Pavilion

Collaboration, Embassy of Piracy, doodle, performance

The Pirate bay to the Venice Biennale

From: The Pirate Bay and The Bureau of Piracy

Call for participation in the Venice Biennale – Making Worlds

In the summer of 2008 we renovated a city bus that drove from Sweden to Manifesta 7 in Bolzano, Italy. In March 2009 the bus returned to join The Pirate Bay Spectrial.

Now The Embassy of Piracy is opening – a project where we will multiply the forces of Internet.

While the anti piracy establishment in Italy are trying to shut us down – we are making a project at the Venice Biennale in the context of the new Internet Pavilion.

With our project The Embassy of Piracy we are seeking out new ways to defend the ecosystem of the Internet – Join now

The Embassy of Piracy needs your help

Be an ambassador, make Embassies, cut and paste, make a network of Embassies, make it grow, spread it, make it pandemic! Share your photos of The Embassy on the http://embassyofpiracy.org and engage.

Venice summer 2009

Venice: we need hosting, do you have a place where we can stay, a palace, boat or a floor for some hours? Do you have a place that can host our art? If you want to help – Contact us.

Join us in Venice the 3th – 7th June. Show your presence, bring the spirit – make it the Biennial of Piracy 2009.

Mr Berlusconi: we have 23 for you – welcome to meet us at the Venice Biennale.

Resend this message

Internet today is not some virtual entity, but a network that can materialize in everything from court systems, parliaments and phone networks to memes, music and art systems. Forget browsers, files and computers, Internet is everywhere, it is wherever you are ready to receive it.

Accordingly resend this message, fax it, call them, remix it and above all let them know – we are here to free information and defend Internet.



Embassy of Piracy, Published, Websites

Embassy of Piracy

Embassy of Piracy

Time is epic, the ecosystem of the Internet is tested and we are here to defend it. Old regimes are passing new laws and new regulations to uphold a failing system that nobody really wants.

An internet today is not some virtual entity, but a network that can materialize in everything from court systems, parliaments and phone networks to memes, music and art systems. Internet is a methodology, not a place.

The idea of an Embassy of Piracy came up when Piratbyrån and The Pirate Bay got invited to contribute to first Internet Pavilion that will be part of this years Venice Biennial. As an Embassy our task is to represent the freedom of Internet and pirates of Internet and to promote the Kopimi way of life.

The Embassy

The Embassy has multipliable and modifiable form in shape of a pyramid. By downloading and printing out the foldable paper model you can make the Embassy materialize anywhere; in public spaces, in the forest, at work, school or on your dinner table or for your pets.

Remember, when you form an Embassy, you are legally within internet territory. Together we will multiply a growing number of Embassies all over the world. Share your photos of The Embassy on the http://embassyofpiracy.org

We are all the Embassy, we are all Ambassadors of the freedom of Internet. This adventure is ours to swarm, modify and share.


Spectrail – The trial against The Pirate Bay

The trial against The Pirate Bay

In February and March 2009 a state-sponsored spectacle will be arranged in the Swedish capital. The trial against The Pirate Bay – one of the longest in Swedish history – begins at the Kungsholmen courthouse in Stockholm.

The modified city bus of Piratbyrån, formerly known as S23M (summer 2008) and S23X (fall 2008), is at the same time getting restless in its parking lot in Belgrade. It wants to go on a spring tour, back to Stockholm.

In connection with this it changes its name to S23K. On spot outside the trial, it will be used to intensify the spectacle, among other things functioning as a press center for The Pirate Bay and Piratbyrån and as a physical gathering place for sympathisers and curious people.



we need 23k SEK – s23k

s23x becomes s23k – We need 23.000 SEK in donations to take the bus back to Stockholm for the pirate bay trail.

Just over a month left until the The Pirate Bay trial spectacle. ( 16 / 2 – 2009 ) To make it extra fun and really establish a kopimistiskt spirit around the trial, we need a Piracy base. We need to get our bus currently parked in Belgrade and we are taking it to Stockholm. It requires a sum of money, more than we have, but not more than what goes to rattle. So, dear readers, donate here


performance, s23m-x-k

s23m >> s23k

s23m becomes s23x (s23eXodus) from Italy the north of to Lubiana and finally Belgrad.

Follow the bus here:

115 Picture from the trip:

documentation, s23m-x-k

s23m Manifest 7 docs

video and picts