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TPB and friends on tour!

While the file-sharing spectacle rages on in Sweden, this summer, the Bureau of Piracy together with Teh Piraet Bey looks to the rest of the world and embarks on a journey that will take them throughout Europe with final destination the mountainsides of Bolzano, Italy and the Manifesta art biennial.

The Bureau will continue what started with the walpurgis ritual last year, with a re-examination party in the Italian mountains and the presentation of a new statement based on their recent experiences from the Scandinavian copyfight. The party will be open for you all and the whole project will be documented and shared with everyone. You know who we are.

Manifesta art biennale is held to be one of the most innovative art events of its kind and is highly respected within the contemporary art community. Their invitation of The Bureau of Piracy to Manifesta will expose the artworld to the fascinating KOPIMI way of life.

For more information go to the . Please do. And please, if you’re on the road where we’re going, honk if you see our bus, say hello if you see us, and give us your mix tapes if you still have them. And if not, make some new and give them to us.

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