Musuem Meltdown

Museum Meltdown is a series of first person shooter game reconstructions of Contemporary Art Museums. The latest one The Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm.

Enter the museum of death. Armed and ready your mission is to kill the mutated museum invaders and in a process you can also take pleasure from blowing up some of the finest master pieces in the world.

Museum Meltdown is a collaboration between Palle Torsson and Tobias Bernstrup. Working with the idea of the exhibition space and computer game culture the first project merged in 1996. The first reconstruction was made from Arken Museum of Modern Art near Copenhagen, as part of the exhibition Borealis 8, useing the Duke Nukem 3-D game. In the modification the user could walk through the galleries while blasting monsters to bits and destroying artworks.

The Contemporary Art Center of Vilnius were reconstructed in 1997 and The Modern Museum of Art in Stockholm in 1999. The version of Modern Museum of Stockholm has been shown among other places at and Biennale of Lyon (2001), the Kunsthalle in Vienna (2006) and the Try again exhibition in Madrid (2008).

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